Design Team 

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Ellen Hanson


Ellen Hanson's comfortable, uncluttered, and beautiful interiors are always a unique visualization of her clients' own tastes and lifestyles. Vibrant use of color and fresh ways of combining hues and textures are hallmarks of Ellen's spaces, and green, sustainable principles are a foundation of her approach.


Ellen's education in Art History at Cornell University, with coursework in such diverse areas as organic gardening and biology, in no way prepared her for designing interiors. She found her way to interior design through a circuitous route, from embroidery workshops with Erica Wilson at her Nantucket studio to an internship at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop. Ellen’s curiosity and open mind push her design practice to continually evolve, as do her travels throughout the world in search of inspiration and unique furnishings, accessories, and fabrics.


Ellen opened her eponymous interiors firm on Madison Avenue in 1991, and has since overseen projects ranging from hospitality to high-end residential. Ellen is a passionate advocate of craftsmanship, and is constantly seeking inspiration and honing her vision through an ongoing study of the arts.


Recently Ellen and her husband, Richard Perlman, fell in love with an historic 1957 ‘School of Sarasota’ bungalow in Lido Shores and now call Sarasota Florida a second home. Ellen serves as a trustee on the board of the Foundation for National Public Radio. 

Lisa Hargus 


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Erin Shea 


Erin Shea's design style is a dynamic reflection of her New York City backdrop and her ever growing travel destinations. Erin is impacted by the sights, textures and cultures she experiences day to day. Forward thinking, Erin has an ever growing passion for the future of design and the landscape great design can create for clients. With a degree in History and Interior Design, Erin has a perpetual love for the antiquities and all things vintage and knows that a well designed space can evoke passion and joy for those who are within it. Erin is a firm believer in up-cycling vintage finds and is passionate about marrying the old with the new in all interiors. 



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